New Website Coming Soon!

Welcome to the Lightbearers website.

It has been very busy and hectic during the past weeks. Though progress may have seemed slow, work has been continuous. The Lightbearers website, at this time, is being updated and revised. After that, we are going to take off for a week or so to rest our minds and bodies. Then, we will focus on the Marketing, to raise funding for the full length feature. We will also start the pre-production planning for the film. We plan to keep each of you informed of our progress and activities, especially concerning the results of the submission of the Trailer to the SAICFF.

Praise God, the Trailer is finally completely finished. It has been a long and exhausting journey, but with God's help and guidance, we finally got it done.

As we said, the Lightbearers Trailer has been completed and it has been submitted to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) which is being held in San Antonio, Texas on February 7-9 2013. This will give us the opportunity to get the Trailer in front of a lot more people.

The trailer was submitted in the category of "Promotional Media" as a "Concept Trailer" A Concept Trailer is what you call a Trailer that is created before the full length feature film is produced. We will not know if it has been accepted as a semi-finalist until the end of December 2012. Please hold it up in your prayers!

We are planning to go to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival ourselves in February, next year. Bethany and Megan are also planning to go to the Film Academy while we are there. If any of you would be interested in attending the film festival, you can get more information about the festival on the web at

God bless you,

Vance D. Payne
Carmella P. Payne
Executive Producers

Update - October 26, 2012

Dear Team,

Pardon our dust! We are working on a new website right now. We are hoping to have it ready soon.

The Lightbearers Concept Trailer is officially complete! Praise the Lord! We will be posting it online when the website is ready.

Many people gave of their time, effort, energy, and prayers to bring the trailer to this point. We thank each one of you! We are hoping it will be an effective tool for getting the word out about this project. Our mission is to proclaim that the Light is greater than the darkness and that Light is Jesus Christ!

On another note, we have also submitted the trailer to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival under the Promotional Category. Our hope is to get this message in front of as many people as possible.

Please stay tuned for more exciting developments as we move forward into the next stages of the film.

The Lightbearers Film Team

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